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PPE at hand are a leading supplier of personal protection equipment across the whole of the UK market. What ever your needs we have got you covered. Find our products below including face masks, sanitiser, gloves and more.

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N95 Masks

Shape that will not collapse easily

  • High Filtration efficiency

  • Good Breathability, with expiratory value

  • Quality compliant with standards for medical N95 respirator.

  • NIOSH N95 EN 149 FFP2 or equivalent

  • Fluid resistance, minimum 80mmHg pressure based on ASTM F1862, ISO 22609 or equivalent


  • Quality compliant with standards for particulate respirator that can be worn with face shield.



Powder Free

  • Nitrile

  • Non-sterile

  • Outer gloves preferably reach mid-forearms (minimum 280mm total length

  • Different sizes (6.5 and 7)

  • Quality compliant with the below standards, or equivalent.

  • EU standard directive 93/42/EEC class I, ENN 455

  • EU standard directive 89/686/EEC Category III, EN 374

  • ANSI/SEA 105-2011

  • ASTM D6319-10



medium and large

  • Impermeable to blood and body fluids

  • single use

  • Avoid culturally unacceptable colors, e.g black

  • Light colours are preferable to better detect contamination.

  • Thumb/finger loops to anchor sleeves in place.

  • Quality compliant with following standard

  • Meets or exceeds ISO 16603 exposure pressure or equivalent.

safety goggles.jpg

Safety Goggles

Fog and scratch resistent

  • Transparent glasses, zero power, well fitting, covered from all sides with elastic band/or adjustable holder.

  • Good seal with the skin of the face

  • Flexible frame to easily fit all face contours without to much pressure.

  • Covers the eyes and the surrounding areas and accommodates for prescription glasses.

  • Adjustable band to secure firmly so as not to become loose during clinical activity.

  • Indirect venting to reduce fogging

  • Quality compliant with

  • (a) EU standard directive 86/686/EEC, EN 166/2002

  • (b)ANSI/SEA Z87.1-2010


Face Shield

Made of Clear Plastic

  • Provides good visibility to both wearer and patient

  • Adjustable band to attach firmly around the head and fit snuggly against the forehead.

  • Fog resistent (Preferable)

  • Completely covers the side of the face.

  • May be reusable (made from material which can be cleaned and disinfected) or disposable.

  • Quality compliant with the below standards,. or equivalent.

  • EU standard directive 86/686/EEC, EN 166/2002

  • ANSI/SEA Z87.1-2010

body bag.jpg

Body Bags


  • Leak Proof

  • Air Sealed

  • Double sealed

  • Disposable

  • Opaque

  • White

  • U shape with zip

  • 4/6 grips

  • Size 2.2 x 1.2 metres

  • Standards are

  • (a) ISO 16602:2007

  • (b) ISO 16603:2004

  • (c) ISO 16604:2004

  • (d) ISO/DIS 2261:2003


Shoe Covers

Same Fabric as overall

  • Should cover the entire shoe and reach above ankles.


Hand Sanitiser

5L Hand Sanitiser

  • Safe and effective alcohol based hand sanitiser. image for illustration purposes only.


 Medical Masks

ISI Specification or equivalent

  • Three layered medical mask of non-woven material with nose piece, having filter efficiency of 99% for 3 micron particle size


Foam Dispenser

Supports foam and soap liquid

  • Infra Red Detection, Motion activated

  • No more contact & infection

  • Safety, Convenience, Cleanness

  • Extra Large content 700ml

  •  Micro USB Adapter (SV1A) or 4 pcs  batteries (Size AA) support.

  • 1X/2X Liquid volume adjustment

  • Low consumption


Commercial Vaccine Storage

Extremely energy efficient

  • Highly reliable and sustainable

  • Helps Bio banks preserve their frozen valuables with less impact on the environment.

  • 98% less electricity than the leading mechanical freezers on the market.

  • No additional HVAC costs

  • Industry leading insulation performance.

  • Perfect for research labs and biorepositories with high value samples.

  • Extra Large content 700ml

  •  Micro USB Adapter (SV1A) or 4 pcs  batteries (Size AA) support.

  • 1X/2X Liquid volume adjustment

  • Low consumption